1. Like No Other
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Like No Other © 2017 by Sa Kim Cool

I have a secret I cannot keep any longer
I must tell you that I love you
Like no other one I've met
Do you love me too?

But I haven't said how I feel
It all seems so surreal to me
That you could just slip away
So I must tell you how I feel today
You are like no other.

You understand me and my dreams like no other
Do you realize when I'm near you
The whole world just goes away
I must tell you today.

It's a chance I have to take
I'm so nervous what will you say to me?
I will lay my heart on the line
I will ask you to be mine for all time
'Cause you are like no other.


You oh you oh, I love you so
You're like no other one I know.

And if you tell me that you love me today
I will be so happy and relieved
To hear love come from you
'Cause you are like no other.
You are like no other.